Software that can run all kinds of cams and gather video from them

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CamUniversal is software that allows users to utilize their webcams in a variety of different ways, including standard webcam usage, still image capture and as a security camera. This multi-tasking software allows a webcam to be used in multiple ways, increasing its overall effectiveness and helpfulness.

Pros of Installing CamUniversal:

  • Able to be Used as Webcam: This software makes it easy for a webcam to be used for its standard feature, which is to take video through the camera installed in a laptop or mounted to the top of a desktop monitor. This camera can be used to capture videos and allows a person to connect with different video chat services, including Skype and FaceTime. It also allows different videos to be edited on a basic level and then uploaded to the Internet so that they can be shared on YouTube or on personal blogs.
  • Able to Share Video Between Computers: This program includes a network server, which increases the efficiency of sharing videos between one computer and another. This allows any video to be analyzed by multiple sources, as well as ensures that anyone who needs to see the video will be able to do so with minimal hassle and irritation on the part of the person who is sharing the video.
  • Motion Detector: The motion detector function of the program allows the user to determine which parts of a video that has been taken need to be searched for motion. This will allow the camera to be used as a security monitoring device because it makes it easy to test parts of a video for motion, specify when the video needs to be tested and target specific areas of the home. All of this makes the webcam much more efficient than it would be otherwise.
  • Allows Stills to be Captured: This camera is able to capture still pictures, which tends to be a lot more efficient than taking video in some respects. It also increases the ease by which profile pictures can be taken.
  • Other Features: This webcam program allows videos to play sound, create log files, encourage FTP transfer and schedule different files to be uploaded at certain times on certain dates. It is possible to upload videos to an FTP server, to a company's LAN or to a website. This makes it exceedingly easy to disseminate all of the different videos.

Cons of Installing CamUniversal:

  • Difficult Setup: This webcam has proven to be fairly difficult to set up, which can be exceedingly frustrating for many users. Occasionally, the software will not be compatible with the necessary webcam or will take multiple attempts to get the hardware and the software to connect. There are some help documents available online that will speed up the process and ensure a user is able to fully utilize the software's capabilities.
  • Long Download Time: It sometimes takes an extended period of time to download this software.

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